BACK TO ARTICLES Dr. Dinu has spent approximately 25 years in international executive positions within the TMT industry working for privately held start-ups, middle-cap companies, and large enterprises. In these roles, Dr. Dinu has been instrumental in launching and accelerating entities, building teams, large-scale fund raising, developing key alliances and technology partnerships, M&A activities, business development, financial management, global operations and sales and marketing. Dr. Dinu is managing partner of GigCapital Global, a serial issuer of Private-to-Public Equity (PPE) entities, also known as Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs). Since inception in September of 2017 GigCapital Global (GIG) has issued and completed initial public offerings of six PPE entities, and completed combinations and taking public of five entities; using the PPE platforms; GIG1 combined in November 2019 with Kaleyra (NYSE: KLR), which was sold to Tata Communications in November 2023, GIG2 combined with UpHealth Holding in June 2021 (NYSE: UPH), GIG3 combined in May 2021 with Lightning eMotors (NYSE ZEV), GIG4 combined with BigBear in December 2021 (NYSE: BBAI), and GIG5 combined with QT-Imaging (NASDAQ: QTI) in February 2023. Dr. Dinu serves as Chair of the Compliance Committee, and member of the Audit Committee and Compensation Committee of UpHealth, Inc. since March 2019, and as a member of the Board of Directors and a member of the Audit Committee of Dr. Dinu serves on the board of directors of NY Philharmonic since May 2023. Dr. Dinu has held leadership positions at several other companies, including at IDT’s Optical Interconnects Division (as vice president and general manager), GigPeak (as executive vice president, chief operation officer, executive vice president of Global Sales and Marketing, and senior vice president of Global Sales and Marketing), Brazil-Photonics (as a director) and Lumera Corporation (as vice president of engineering). Dr. Dinu holds a B.Sc. in Physics and Ph.D. in Solid State Condensed Matter Physics from the University of Bucharest, and an Executive-M.B.A. from Stanford University. Dr. Dinu has an Audit Committee Certificate, Compensation Committee Certificate, as well as a Corporate Director Certificate from Harvard Business School, Executive Education Program. Skip to content