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QT Imaging Pioneers Patient-Centric Breast Imaging Technology through Strategic Partnership

March 7, 2024

NOVATO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–QT Imaging Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:QTI) a medical device company engaged in research, development, and commercialization of innovative body imaging systems, is pleased to announce the first commercial sale of a QTI Breast Acoustic CT™ System to True Health Center for Functional Medicine. QTI’s inaugural customer was born as a result of the collaboration with our previously announced strategic distribution partner and represents the business model to be deployed by the company.

The QTI Breast Acoustic CT System, featuring the trademarked Breast ACT technology, is an advancement in breast imaging. Unlike traditional mammography, this state-of-the-art system offers numerous key advantages to a patient-centric approach. By eliminating uncomfortable breast compression, radiation exposure, and the need for contrast agents or injections, this innovative system prioritizes patient comfort and safety while delivering high-quality, high-resolution 3D images. Also, in overcoming the limitations of traditional methods, the QTI system ensures consistent and reproducible image quality for patients with dense breast tissue or implants, backed by rigorous validation from the National Institutes of Health. Lastly, this NIH-funded technology represents a significant advancement in healthcare imaging, setting a new standard in breast imaging excellence.

“The QTI Breast Acoustic CT System represents a leap forward in patient-centric breast imaging. By harnessing the power of our advanced technology and eliminating the discomfort associated with traditional methods, we’re redefining the standard of care and empowering patients with a safer, more comfortable imaging experience,” said Nasser Pirshafiey, Chief Product Officer at QTI. “This partnership serves as a testament to the advancements in breast imaging technology and as testimonial of our team’s commitment to the commercialization of QTI’s advanced products.”

“As the inaugural customer of QTI’s partnership, True Health Center for Functional Medicine is proud to lead the way in providing our patients with the latest advancements in breast imaging technology. The QTI Breast Acoustic CT System’s patient-centric approach aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering exceptional care while prioritizing comfort and safety,” stated Dr. Kristine Burke at True Health Center for Functional Medicine.

This strategic partnership marks a significant achievement for QTI and serves as a testament to the advancements in breast imaging technology.

About QT Imaging Holdings, Inc.

QT Imaging Holdings, Inc. is a public (NASDAQ: QTI) medical device company engaged in research, development, and commercialization of innovative body imaging systems using low frequency sound waves. QT Imaging Holdings, Inc. strives to improve global health outcomes. Its strategy is predicated upon the fact that medical imaging is critical to the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease and that it should be safe, affordable, accessible, and centered on the patient’s experience. For more information on QT Imaging Holdings, Inc., please visit the company’s website at

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